Geographic Information Science Minor


Geographic Information Science (GIScience) encompasses the theories and methods for understanding spatial patterns and processes. Examples of geospatial technologies and research include internet mapping, in-vehicle navigation systems, digital cartography, imagery taken by airplanes and satellites, spatial analysis and modeling of social and natural processes, and visualization and data mining of complex information.

GIScience has become a key approach to an increasingly large number of endeavors, from land-use planning and environmental management, to epidemiology through law enforcement. Completing this minor will enhance your career options while providing intellectual and professional development.

All minor requirements must be taken A-F (unless only offered S/N), and students must earn a grade of at least C- in each course in the minor.  

Contact Information and Administrative Details

This is an interdisciplinary minor housed in the College of Liberal Arts' Department of Geography, Environment and Society, but co-sponsored by CFANS and available to CFANS students. CFANS students who want to declare this minor should use the Add/Drop a CFANS Minor. If you have questions about this minor, contact the Geography advisor at, or contact CFANS advisor Sheryl Bolstad at

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Geography Advisor (CLA)

CFANS Advisor for this Minor
Sheryl Bolstad