Agricultural and Food Business Management

Students in this major learn how to solve management issues for food industries, agricultural industries, and financial institutions and other organizations. Students focus on economics, business concepts, and management tools.

This major is jointly coordinated by CFANS and the U of M's Carlson School of Management. Students in this major have priority registration for classes at Carlson.

What can I specialize in with this major?

Agr Food Bus

This major has a core of required courses. You'll take those classes and also choose either a minor in the Carlson School of Management or one of the tracks listed below:

  • Agricultural Markets and Risk Management: This track focuses on commodities, inputs, marketing and market analysis in the food system.
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Management: This track focuses on developing business and marketing plans for small businesses in the food system.
  • Financial Analysis and Business Management: This track focuses on careers in banking, brokerage, insurance, real estate, and financial management.
  • Food Sales and Industry Management: This track focuses on marketing for large food and agribusiness companies.

See more detailed track descriptions.

What jobs can I get with this major?

A degree in Agricultural and Food Business Management leaves you well prepared to be a business professional with strong analytical and communication skills.

Sample job titles include: commodity broker, grain marketing adviser, trader, merchandiser, market and risk analyst, marketing associate, futures trader, insurance broker, small business analyst, development program administrator, financial or loan analyst, loan underwriter, account manager, industry analyst, treasury officer, business consultant, sales manager, field marketer, buyer for food products divisions.

See additional career-related information from the Career and Internship Services office. This office provides professional career counselors to all CFANS students.

Why choose CFANS for this major?

This major is based in the prestigious Department of Applied Economics at CFANS. This department has a long history of producing business professionals for Minnesota's agricultural and food industries. Its faculty includes dozens of nationally and internationally recognized economists.

This major is the only program of its kind at the University of Minnesota. Because it's jointly coordinated by CFANS and the Carlson School of Management, it provides access to the professors, research, and resources of two highly ranked academic programs.

What classes are required? What's the curriculum like?

The Agricultural and Food Business Management major includes core classes in applied economics (micro and macroeconomics), mathematics, statistics, communications, business writing, business management, and finance. You'll also learn about issues connected to food systems, agriculture and the environment.

Find requirements for this major in the University Catalog. For additional details about academic planning and curriculum, go to the Department of Applied Economics website. The right column includes links to the Agricultural and Food Business Management (AFBM) "Sample 4-Year Plan" and "Curriculum Worksheet" (with class list).

After you're admitted to CFANS, you'll work with an academic advisor to enroll in classes that fulfill this major's requirements. Your CFANS advisors will help guide you toward academic success.