Agricultural Communication and Marketing

Woman holding microphone in front of wheat field.Agricultural Communication and Marketing (ACM) is a unique major for students interested in combining a passion for food, agricultural and natural resource sciences with fundamental real-world skills in communication, education, and leadership. ACM students learn how to build understanding, share knowledge, increase awareness and make valuable contributions to the dynamic and evolving food and agricultural fields. 

What can I specialize in with this major?

Students in the Agricultural Communication and Marketing (ACM) major select one of three tracks:

  • Food, Agricultural, and Natural Resource Sciences: Apply leadership, marketing, communications, and human resource development skills to a broad range of agricultural focus areas including plant science, animal science, natural resources, and more. Graduates promote agriculture and its importance through numerous avenues in extension, industry, marketing, and the media.

  • Crops and Soils: Explore the world of agricultural production inputs (e.g., seeds, fertilizers, crop-protection products) while building a solid foundation in marketing, leadership and communication.  Graduates lead the agribusiness world with solid knowledge of crop sales, consulting, marketing, and merchandising.

  • Food Industries: Advance complex problems facing food industries. Combine understanding of food and life sciences with marketing, leadership, communication, and business management skills. Graduates lead the food industry with a solid background in food and nutritional science, leadership, communication, management, and marketing skills.

What jobs can I get with this major?

The Agricultural Communication and Marketing (ACM) major prepares you for a diverse set of careers in food and agricultural communication, journalism, marketing, sales, training, management, leadership, business and extension. 

Graduates find positions as Communications Specialists, Extension Educators, Sales and Training Managers, Human Resource Associates, Advertising and Public Relations Executives, Business Analysts, Magazine Editors, Social Media Managers, Commodity Merchandisers, Outreach and Community Coordinators, Agronomists, Agricultural, Food & Environmental Reporters, and Supply Chain Specialists.

Why choose CFANS for this major?

Agricultural Communication and Marketing (ACM) is a unique program you won't find at other land-grant universities. A truly interdisciplinary major, it draws on the faculty, research, and resources of every department in CFANS. Flexible yet thorough, this is a major that lets you tailor the coursework to your academic interests and career goals.

What classes are required? What's the curriculum like for this major?

The scientific knowledge and technical skills necessary to become an effective agribusiness, marketing or media professional are provided through requirements in the basic and agricultural sciences and are strengthened by selection of one of three areas of emphasis: crops and soils, food industries, or broad overview of food, agricultural and environmental sciences.

Find major requirements in the University Catalog, where you'll also see class lists for each track. (These are called "Program Sub-Plans" in the University Catalog.)

After you're admitted to CFANS, you'll work with an academic advisor to enroll in classes that fulfill this major's requirements. Your CFANS advisors will help guide you toward academic success.