Ceremony Instructions for Students

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Ceremony Details

  • Check in at North Star Ballroom (http://campusmaps.umn.edu/st-paul-student-center) beginning at 1 p.m. on Friday, May 3rd, 2019.
    • Enter the St Paul Student Center via the main entrance on Buford Ave and proceed to the 2nd floor
  • Visit the check-in tables to receive your announcement card listing your name and program
    • You will present this card as you start across the stage
  • Arrive in your academic costume
    • Doctoral students will be hooded onstage
  • Find your waiting area. You will be organized first by degree, then program and then by last name (e.g. Master’s, Animal Science, name). 
    • Begin lining up no later than 2:00 p.m.
  • All minor children must be accompanied by a responsible party to watch over them for the entire event 
  • Please be considerate - silence all cell phones and other electronic devices

Regalia instructions

The cap is worn with the pointed end to the front and parallel to the ground. The tassel is worn on the left side throughout the ceremony. Doctoral students walk in the procession with the hood draped over your arm. Hold up the hood by the small end, velvet side out, and fold in half lengthwise. Drape the hood over your left arm, with the velvet edge to the right and the narrow end on the outside. Make sure the cord is unfastened! As you wait in line to cross the stage, continue to hold your hood folded over your arm. Hand the hood to the designated faculty member by the small end.

Procession Directions

Promptly at 2:30p.m. the mace bearer and flag marshals will begin the procession. Marshals will assist in seating you in the designated area on the floor. 

The ceremony will begin at 2:30p.m. and conclude at approximately 3:45p.m. All graduates and their guests are expected to stay until the end of the ceremony. A reception for students and guests will immediately follow the ceremony.

Recession directions

When the ensemble has begun to play the recessional music and after the mace bearer has left the stage, marshals will release you row by row. Your marshall will instruct you as to how to exit the auditorium.

Use Twitter hashtag #umncfansgrad before and after the ceremony to share your excitement and join in the conversation.