MnDRIVE funds fuel partnerships

Nineteen new research projects involving University of Minnesota researchers and more than 65 food industry partners have been awarded $3 million in funds through the U's MnDRIVE Global Food Ventures initiative. Four new faculty members have been hired, two of them in CFANS, and 15 graduate students have been named MnDRIVE Fellows.

The research proposals were chosen through rigorous peer review by the Global Food Ventures Investment Board, which comprises university faculty and leadership and industry partners. The projects address issues in food contamination, supply threats and current methods of food production, and the majority include partnerships with industry leaders and trade organizations.

MnDRIVE (Minnesota's Discovery Research and InnoVation Economy) is an $18 million annual investment by the State of Minnesota in four research areas: Global Food Ventures; Advancing Industry, Conserving Our Environment; Discoveries and Treatments for Brain Conditions; and Robotics, Sensors and Advanced Manufacturing. CFANS faculty are playing a central role in the Global Food area, but they also are partnering on transdisciplinary projects in the Robotics and Environment initiatives.