Solutions in Brief

Greg Cuomo has been named associate dean for research and graduate programs in CFANS. He'll oversee the college's research portfolio and will be deputy director of the Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station. He'll also be responsible for planning and policies and other research-related matters, and will retain his role as division head for the college's 10 Research and Outreach Centers.

“This will help families save money and this will bring sexy back to milk.” 

—Marin Bozic, assistant professor of applied economics, talking about how new milk-carton sensors that detect spoilage could reduce the amount of food that’s wasted.

100 - Years of Homecoming at the University of Minnesota were celebrated this October.

15 - 17 -17 -29 - Four key rankings from a new U.S. News and World Report study of the world’s top universities. Three CFANS disciplines ranked in the top 20: Agricultural science, 15; animal science, 17; and ecology/environment, 17. Overall, the U of M was ranked as the 29th best university in the world. 

Nineteen new research projects involving University of Minnesota researchers and more than 65 food industry partners have been awarded $3 million in funds through the U's MnDRIVE Global Food Ventures initiative. Four new faculty members have been hired, two of them in CFANS, and 15 graduate students have been named MnDRIVE Fellows.

Department of Animal Science professor Mike White is the new Associate Dean for Academic Programs and Faculty Affairs in CFANS. In his new position, he will provide leadership and administrative responsibility for credit and non-credit undergraduate, continuing and distance education programs, including associated recruitment, admissions, student services and faculty development initiatives aligned with collegiate and university priorities.

Renowned economist Philip Pardey will be the first director of global research strategy for CFANS. Creating a position specifically aimed at developing global research partnerships and innovation reflects the priorities of the college, as well as those of the university, says Brian Buhr, dean of the college.

Check out a map of where CFANS alumni are located by country. 

Associate professor of horticultural science Christian Thill died Aug. 7 of an irregular heartbeat. As a potato breeder, plant geneticist and professor, he was a highly respected scientist with a passion for collaborative efforts in the development of new potato breeds to improve crop yields, disease resistance and other desirable traits. 

Prominent food scientist Koushik Seetharaman, 48, died in early June, a few days after he became ill during a Memorial Day weekend gathering. He was named the new General Mills Cereal Chair in the food science and nutrition department in 2013; before that, he held an industry research chair in cereal technology and was a professor at the University of Guelph in Guelph, Ontario. 

William Dayton is the new head of the Department of Animal Science. He's been a faculty member in the department since 1975, with a research emphasis in animal growth biology, as well as teaching courses, most notably the undergraduate Animal Growth and Development course.

New building projects approved by the state legislature last spring will mean dramatic changes to the St. Paul campus in the coming years. 

A new interdisciplinary center based in CFANS will use scientific findings to support policymaking, application and resource management practices that address non-aquatic invasive species.