Did you know?

Did you know as a CFANS student you  can learn what it is like to train a service dog? Well here's your chance!

Open to a limited number of students within the Pre-Vet LLC, the FETCH program provides residents with the opportunity to assist with the training of a service dog for 2-5 months. As part of the experience, you and three other students will be responsible for around-the-clock care of one service dog. Your primary responsibility is to help socialize the dog before they go on to their final stage of training. When the service dog arrives for their training with you, they are fully “vested” and are legally required to be treated like any other service animal, which means you can take them anywhere you go.

Students who indicate an interest in this community on their housing application will be required to submit an additional application for the program and go through a selection process. All supplies, food, and veterinary care are provided by the program. Participants are required to attend several training sessions while they are working with the service animal. Ability to attend off-site training sessions may be necessary. If not selected for the FETCH program, students will still be eligible to participate in the Pre-Vet LLC.

This program is housed in the same residential community as the Pre-Vet LLC in Bailey Hall on the St. Paul campus. Students selected for the FETCH program will live in a 4-person 2-bedroom suite and will share responsibility for training one service dog.

The FETCH program is offered in partnership with the College of Veterinary Medicine, the College of Food, Agriculture, and Nutritional Sciences, Can Do Canines Assistance Dogs Organization, and Housing & Residential Life.

To learn more visit: https://housing.umn.edu/llcs/fetch