Tessa Belo - CFANS Study Abroad Program

Winter 2016


My experience in Thailand was extremely unique, one that I could not have had if I was traveling on my own to the country. We all got to know our professors well and their connections in Thailand was what made our experience so valuable.

We learned about tiger conservation and practiced field methods to identify tiger and tiger prey presence in different areas, we also spent time bird banding in a wetland and learning about Thai history and culture. I felt safe and confident at all times and this made it so learning could be my priority.

Already I have begun bringing up my time spend abroad in Thailand as I am starting to apply for new job opportunities. I brought back specific field skills that I know will set me apart as an applicant while I am looking for environmental science related field jobs.

I am so thankful to have spent three weeks surrounded by researchers and students who are just as passionate about natural resources and conservation as I am.

I was thrilled to have an experience abroad that was so meaningful both because of the relationships I made and because of the skills I brought back.