Nicole Benert - CFANS Study Abroad Program

Winter 2016


The experiences I had while studying abroad in Ecuador have greatly impacted the way I think about my everyday life.

Ecuador has such strong culture among its people; I could tell how passionate they were about their values and belief. There was really a strong sense of unity and community, very different from what I have experienced growing up in the United States.

There is such great diversity in the United States, that there seems to be so many different values and ideas about how things like government should work.

Overall I had a great appreciation for this feeling of being united and really connected. This often made me reflect on politics and government in the U.S. and it made me think that often we don’t talk enough about our similar interests.

I feel like the more popular approach is to criticize each other for our differences instead of working together to accomplish a common goal, which is usually just to make things “better”.

That being said I have come away with many conclusions based off what I observed in Ecuador that I would not have gotten the opportunity to do so otherwise.