Jesus Cuadrado Miranda - CFANS Study Abroad Program

May Session 2017



The program “Farm to Fork” in France has been a really good opportunity for me to explore another culture.  It has allowed me to travel while going to school and receive credits toward my degree.  France has shown me things that I would not be able to see in America.  

Also, this trip is helping me grow as a person; I am learning how to approach situations and communicate better in other cultures.  

With the knowledge that I have gained, there will be a great impact on the way I see things around me.

Furthermore, I have been able to connect with many people from different universities around the United States.  With this, I am able to expand my network and also learn from other people. 

Receiving the diversity grant helped me because it was motivation for me to come on this trip.  It showed me that people back at the university and within the community want students like me to participate in these types of programs so we can grow personally, culturally, and professionally.