Jace Galley - CFANS Study Abroad Program

May Session 2017


During the summer of 2017, I completed study and intern abroad programs in France through the CFANS OIP. The study abroad program was the France: Farm to Fork: Sustainable Food Systems program. Then, during the two months after the study abroad program I completed two separate internships. One internship was with a family horticultural business, while the other was with a small, family-run organic dairy cow farm.

As each of the 3 portions of my summer abroad were with different host families, I also had great opportunities to experience and be immersed in French culture, travel within France, and improve my capabilities with the French language.

My time abroad was incredibly informative and enriching. Because of the experiences I accumulated through the summer, I feel like a more independent, mature, career-ready, open-minded, and culturally-competent individual. More than that, I formed relationships and memories that will last a lifetime while also finding new friends, discovering French gastronomy, profiting from the high quality of life in France, and receiving career training.

All in all, the experiences that I had during this summer abroad were truly amazing. I can surely say that my time abroad has had an impact on me, and changed me for the better; none of these outcomes could’ve been possible if I hadn’t gone abroad.