Elizabeth Huber - CFANS Study Abroad Program

Spring Break 2016



I have always been interested in animals, especially mammals, and as I’ve spent more time in school, the biology of animals continues to interest me. This is why I felt that the Thailand Tiger Conservation and Vertebrate Field Methods study abroad opportunity was perfect for me.

It is a completely different experience learning about tigers in the Thailand jungle, and it sculpted my perception – which was previously based off of American zoos. This study abroad opportunity is educational: you partake in occupancy surveys, evaluate competition, set up camera traps, identify tracks, and more.

Additionally, you will learn a lot about Thai culture by living on a research barge, visiting temples, learning a few Thai phrases, and having some time to explore by yourself in Bangkok. Although it takes over a day of travel time to reach this country, it was well worth it in my opinion.

No other opportunity could have brought me to the cluttered and welcoming city of Bangkok, the quiet and ancient Ayutthaya, or the vast and wild Huai Kha Khaeng wildlife sanctuary. By participating in this study abroad research opportunity, I learned many field techniques that will propel me further academically and professionally. Not only are students collecting data surrounding tigers and tiger prey, but two days are spent banding Thai birds as well.

The experience of the Thailand study abroad was an eye opening experience for me and I hope to continue to travel and work with wildlife in the future.