Annabella Lockhart - CFANS Study Abroad Program

Term: Summer 2016 - 2017

Program: Belize: Wildlife Medicine and Conservation 

Annabella Lockhart in Belize

Hi! My name is Annabella Lockhart and I am an incoming sophomore studying animal sciences. This May I participated in the study abroad program; Belize: Wildlife Medicine & Conservation. Overall, I had a fantastic experience studying abroad in Belize. Academically, I learned a great deal from experienced wildlife veterinarians and conservationists who were kind enough to allow students to oversee and even participate in their work. I was able to work hands-on with animals which is extremely valuable to me as I hope to become a veterinarian someday. The interactions I had with individuals who work in various areas from crocodile conservation to wildlife rehabilitation helped show me the wide variety of careers available for me to pursue.

Along with the academic experience, I also grew as an individual through cultural experiences and had tons of fun along the way. I got to see how locals live every day, swim in waterfalls and rivers, visit markets, eat delicious foods and relax on gorgeous beaches. Interacting with both people in my study abroad group and local Belizeans provided tons of interesting stories and cultural diversity that helped me better understand different backgrounds, ideas and ways of life. I would recommend this study abroad trip to any interested students because it provides an amazing once in a lifetime experience.