Anna Brekke - CFANS Study Abroad Program

Winter 2017


After spending twelve action-packed days exploring the renewable energy transition in Germany, I feel empowered and prepared for my future in the energy industry.

In this truly interdisciplinary experience, I learned about energy education and outreach, renewable and efficient technologies, and policy implementations and challenges all while being immersed in German culture. I saw firsthand the power of the individual in Germany's energy revolution to move towards a sustainable future. I am now able to compare and contrast energy policies to develop more effective solutions for Minnesota's energy transition.

In addition to learning and growth, I also became a part of a community of individuals committed to the energy transition. I developed connections with University of Minnesota students and faculty, Minnesota's elected officials and industry leaders, and Germany's elected officials and government employees at the state and local levels. In my education going forward, I will use this valuable network to seek advice and partnerships regarding climate protection and energy.

Overall, I am so grateful for this CFANS Learning Abroad experience as it not only educated me personally for my future career, but also prepared me with many potential individuals who I can work with going forward.