CFANS Study Abroad Program Student Testimonies


"I was thrilled to have an experience abroad that was so meaningful both because of the relationships I made and because of the skills I brought back." Tessa Belo

There is nothing like hearing a testimony from a student who has already had the experience of studying abroad. The emotions, the stories, and the growth are just a few of the treasures that the students bring back home once the program has ended.

Take a look for yourself and imagine what studying abroad can do for you.


Academically, I learned many new things about management of natural resources, but also how people can think and behave in different ways that I have experienced in the past. I also believe I am better able to understand how someone’s situation can be so different from mine, leading them to new ways of thinking.




My time in England was fascinating and enriching in several ways. I learned a great deal about species outside of my emphasis as well as within, while experiencing a unique culture; all of it wrapped in rich history. 




My Belize study abroad has certainly impacted me. Beginning with myself personally, I have done things I never thought I could. Conquering my fear of the ocean to now loving it after diving.




he CFANS Study Abroad Program, Shires, Shorthorns, and Sheep: Exploring Livestock Production Systems in England, was a beneficial capstone to my undergraduate career at the University of Minnesota. Since my family is so deeply rooted in agriculture, particularly livestock production, I couldn’t have found a more fitting opportunity to study agriculture in another country.




Learning how to cooperate and get along with people outside of my normal sphere was also just as growing for me as experiencing all of the new aspects of culture. Taking in new things can be intimidating, but doing them with new people, not normally in one's sphere of influence, is even more scary.