Shires, Shorthorns, and Sheep: Exploring Livestock Systems in England

CFAN 3517  

Estimated Program Dates:
May 14 - 28, 2020

Application Deadline:
February 1, 2020

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Shires, Shorthorns, and Sheep: Exploring Livestock Systems in England


This course will examine the similarities and differences between Minnesota and England animal agriculture, including beef, dairy, sheep, and horse systems. Students will explore the history and culture of England, including punting on the Thames River, Shakespeare’s Globe Theater, the Greenwich Meridian, horse racing, and activities in Cambridge and London.  You will visit production livestock farms, including dairy, beef, sheep, and horse, and enjoy two BBQs with locally raised meat. Visit historical markets, including Smithfield, Porta Bella and Borough.

The course is an embedded Spring B term course (beginning the week after spring break) with two weeks abroad.  All B-term lectures will be held in 205 Haecker Hall on Tuesdays from 11:45 am to 1:00 pm.  This course will be offered every other year in the even years. 


CFAN/ANSC 3517 - 3.0 credits

Fulfills Global Perspectives Liberal Education Theme Requirement.

This is an embedded course with on-campus class time during spring semester prior to departure. Students must both register for this course, and complete the study abroad application. 

*For more detailed information, see the 2019 program blog, or the program syllabus (coming soon!).


Students interested in the agricultural sciences, livestock production, and visiting historical and cultural landmarks.


First Step Sessions give basic information about programs, services, and resources available through the Learning Abroad Center. You do not have to reserve your spot, just show up to 230 Heller Hall, West Bank. You can also complete the First Step Session online

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$5,980. The final 2020 program cost will be posted in fall 2019.

The program fee includes airfare, lodging, in-country transportation, all activities and excursions, several meals, insurance and course fees.

In the event that you are not a full time student or are a non-University of Minnesota student, you will also be charged additional tuition, please contact us if this applies to you. The cost of this program will be considered as part of your spring semester cost of attendance for financial aid calculations. You are eligible to apply for May scholarships for this program. Note that in most cases the award will not be posted to your student account until after the program fee is due. Once confirmed your program fee will be billed to your student account during spring semester and will be due prior to program departure.

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Krishona Martinson is a professor in Animal Science and equine specialist. Her teaching efforts include ANSC 2055- Horse Management, and ANSC 2056- Horse Management Practicum, in addition to this course. Her research and Extension interests include equine forage utilization and providing research-based information to horse owners and professionals.

Beth Ventura is an assistant teaching professor in Animal Science who specializes in applied animal behavior and welfare. She teaches undergraduate courses in applied ethology, welfare and ethics, and is involved with two study abroad programs, including this one. Her research interests focus mainly on improving how stakeholders can collaborate to improve animal welfare on farms and in other settings.