Hidden Obvious

Every problem has a solution.  Finding it is just a matter of where and how you look.  

At CFANS, our unique collaborative approach helps us unearth hidden, but obvious, solutions to critical problems. Through these and other images, we're telling the story of how research, education and outreach initiatives in the college make a difference to Minnesota and around the world.

Trees and Climate Change

And when it comes to climate change, we leave no leaf unturned.

Bees and Apple

And when it comes to bee research, we have just one goal: promoting the health of bee pollinators, who are responsible for about a third of the food we eat.

Golf Water Tower

When it comes to the health of the golf industry, we see ways to create environmental and economic sustainability to help save a struggling industry.


And when it comes to growing food, we take a deep dive.

Data and Crops

And when it comes to agriculture and data, we have the connections.

Food and Health

And when it comes to healthy eating, we examine food through different lenses.  

Cold Hardy

And when it comes to producing winter‐hardy fruits, vegetables and flowers, we’ve got it down cold.

Cow Wind Turbine

And when it comes to dairy production, we see a marriage of high energy going in and high energy going out.

International Food

And when it comes to ensuring global food security, we’re all over the map.