Graduate Student and Post-Doc Opportunities


CFANS Diversity Scholars (Graduate & Postdoctoral Funding Opportunity)

CFANS is taking proactive steps to increase diversity within its graduate programs. The CFANS graduate programs have agreed to annually fund the CFANS Diversity Graduate and Professional Scholars (DGPS) program. This program will fund eleven, one-year scholarships for incoming underrepresented students of color that enroll in one of the twelve CFANS graduate programs. Support for Professional Development activities are included in the award. The goals of the program are to increase the number of underrepresented students of color applying to CFANS graduate programs, increase enrollment and retention rates of those graduate students, build a more diverse faculty, and obtain additional funding to expand the program. Contact information for specific departmental programs can be found at the Graduate Programs page. For more information, you can contact Kathyrn Halling, CFANS Grant Manager at

Graduate Student Candidates

Diversity Scholars - Graduate Student Fellowships are available to new, incoming CFANS graduate students who identify as African American/Black, Native American/Alaskan Native, Chicano/Latino/Hispanic, or Asian American/Pacific Islander. The one-year fellowship award includes up to 14 tuition credits in both fall and spring semesters, a 12-month stipend, and a 12-month health insurance benefit. In addition, each fellow receives $3,000 for professional development activities and the opportunity to participate in the Community of Scholars Institute program through the UMN Graduate School. Nominations are made by the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) from individual graduate programs; there is no limit to the number of nominations made by an individual grant program. A student or their advisor can initiate a nomination by notifying the graduate program DGS.

CFANS Diversity Scholars- Graduate Student Fellowship Information and Application Instructions. The deadline to apply is December 21, 2018. 

Postdoctoral Candidates

Diversity Scholars - Postdoctoral Fellows is an initiative to attract promising scholars of color with potential to pursue future faculty positions at the University of Minnesota and at other top research universities. Postdoctoral scholars are intended to closely align with CFANS’ areas of strength and strategic initiatives in fields where we anticipate future faculty growth. Scholars will work with CFANS faculty members on independent research and participate in activities related to professional development in academia such as teaching and learning, competitive grant writing, supervision of students and staff, and research program development. The purpose of the program is to nurture scholars’ intellectual development and professional growth, and position them for success in future tenure-track academic positions.

For more information on the postdoctoral scholars program see the CFANS Diversity Scholars- Postdoctoral Opportunity below.

CFANS Diversity Scholars- Postdoctoral Opportunity Information and Application Instructions. The deadline is January 11, 2019.   

For alternative format of materials or further questions, contact Kathyrn Halling, CFANS Grant Manager at

DOVE Fellowship

CFANS will support a second year of funding for any Diversity of Views and Experiences (DOVE) Fellowship recipients.

Graduate School Diversity Office 

Graduate student organizations

Diversity Fellowship For Graduate Students in the Agricultural Education Teacher Licensure Program

A severe shortage of high school agriculture teachers exists in Minnesota and nationally. As a result, there is a tremendous need for more students to become licensed to teach agricultural education. In addition, the trend of a more diverse student population attending Minnesota’s schools reinforces the need to recruit and support prospective agricultural education teachers with diverse ethnic, racial, economic and educational backgrounds and experiences. MAELC is committed to diversifying the agriculture teacher workforce.

Read more details on the MAELC program (.pdf)

Apply for the MAELC Diversity Fellowship here.

"CFANS Achieve" Mentoring Program

The Office for Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) "CFANS Achieve" mentoring program is a structured mentoring program for undergraduate students of color in CFANS to gain knowledge, skills, abilities, networks and connections to resources that will be essential to their academic, personal, and professional success. Interested juniors and seniors would be paired with a current CFANS graduate student.