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Teaching Across Differences

The Teaching Across Difference (TAD) Community of Practice is part of CFANS' Working Across Difference Initiative (WADI) led by the Office for Diversity and Inclusion in collaboration with the Center for Educational Innovation. It shares the same primary goals as The Working Across Difference Initiative:

  1. Enhance our ability to prepare students to work across difference, engage in complex problem solving, and enter into an increasingly diverse and globalized workforce.
  2. Increase intentional integration of culturally relevant collegiate course content and pedagogy that reflects the needs and interests of diverse undergraduate students and addresses the unequal impacts of difference.
  3. Create and integrate effective, best practices to help students develop intercultural and global competencies and an increased awareness of issues relating to diversity and social justice.

The resources shared within the community of practice support teaching and learning that incorporate explicit exploration of intercultural content, diverse perspectives, and self-awareness. To access the Teaching Across Difference toolkit or for additional information, contact Sandra Mitchell at mitchels@umn.edu.

Online Resources

CFANS Distinguished Diversity and Inclusion Award

This award (one for faculty and one for staff) honors the exceptional effort of our peers,collaborators and colleagues. The College celebrates important work by our faculty and staff and highlights excellence through several prominent awards. The Distinguished Diversity and Inclusion Award recognizes key accomplishments that benefit non-traditional and/or underserved populations by members of our community.

Diversity and Inclusion Professional Development Grants

CFANS staff and faculty members may apply for grants of up to $1,000 to further their professional development in the areas of diversity, multiculturalism, equity and social justice.

Diversity Planning Documents for CFANS Departments

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