Leonard Wulf (1926-2003)

x2002 Production Agriculture

The accomplishments of Leonard Wulf are a testimony to hard work and perseverance built on a foundation of family and faith. Having owned and operated a beef cattle farm in Morris, Minnesota, for over forty years, Wulf oversaw one of the best known registered Limousin breeding operations in the nation, producing quality beef for consumers and genetically superior cattle for customers.

After researching seven different breeds and their carcass data, Wulf started breeding with Limousin bulls in 1970. Limousin now serve as the basis of Wulf Farm, with 800 purebred cows, a 6,000-head feedlot and 6,500 acres. Of eleven children and forty-seven grandchildren, four sons and three grandsons help run the farm. They plant corn, soybeans, wheat and alfalfa, which provide the majority of the livestock feed. They feed 3,000 to 4,000 head for Laura’s Lean Beef, a branded beef program. They send 16,000 to 17,000 head of cattle to Midwest commercial feedlots to determine how their Limousin crosses compare in performance to other breeds.

Much of Wulf’s success came from utilizing new technologies and using efficient and innovative farming practices. Wulf believed artificial insemination was key to helping him improve the herd over the years. Likewise, when it came to selection and culling, Wulf utilized a thirtypoint rating system that evaluates a number of factors including structural correctness and family history. Feedlot and carcass performance was also evaluated.