Donald C. Rasmusson

x1996 Academic

Don Rasmusson's contributions to research and education in production agriculture are noteworthy. More than 500 students of advanced plant breeding have been nurtured at his hand, more than 70 students have been personally advised, and more than 200 manuscripts, abstracts, reports, and articles have been published. 

Rasmusson has provided the creative spark to spur the partnership that developed barley varieties that dominated Midwest fields for more than 27 years. So dominant is his influence that, from 1980 through 2008, nearly all of the Midwest's six-row barley contained germplasm from Rasmusson's projects. His research led to development of semidwarf barley, model barley plants (plant ideotype) and teaching opportunities around the world. 

Rasmusson will long be remembered for his 22 years as director of the University of Minnesota's plant breeding graduate studies, his pioneering work with the National Barley Committee, and his contributions to countless other organizations. To a much lauded career marked by noteworthy accomplishments and numerous significant awards and national recognition by Plant Science and Agronomy Societies of America, the Siehl Prize is a worthy addition for a man whose career truly represents excellence in agriculture.