Bert G. Enestvedt

x1994 Production Agriculture 

The farmers of Minnesota have a good friend in Bert Enestvedt, whose 1500-acre, Sacred Heart, Minnesota farm supplies them with certified high-quality seed, including hybrid seed corn, soybeans, wheat, and oats. The farm stands as the oldest family owned and operated seed corn company in the state. Founded in 1900 on the site his grandfather homesteaded in 1867, the Enestvedt farm led the way in new crop varieties, many produced by the University of Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station.

Enestvedt graduated from the University of Minnesota School of Agriculture, Morris. An organizer of the Minnesota Soybean Growers Association, he served as its director for 25 years. For 11 years he was director of the Minnesota Seed Producers and Promotion Association, a group through which he promoted the use of publicly developed crop varieties. In addition, Enestvedt has been a promoter of rural communities and businesses. His efforts were instrumental in passage of a bill that provided directional signs pointing the way to rural Minnesota businesses serving the public.

Enestvedt’s honors include the Mr. Crop Improvement Award from the publishers of The Farmer magazine, an honorary life member award from the American Soybean Association, and the 50-Year Award from the Minnesota State Fair. In 1991, The University of Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station released a soybean variety named “BERT” in his honor.