Bailey Nurseries, Inc.

x1996 Agribusiness

In 1905, John Vincent Bailey Jr., a member of the School of Agriculture’s class of 1896, eagerly launched a vegetable production business with $10 seed capital. From that humble beginning, Bailey Nurseries has grown to become one of the nation’s largest nurseries. Today, Bailey’s statistical accomplishments are impressive — more than 800 varieties of woody plants, as well as hundreds of annuals and perennials; annual production of two million shade trees, five million shrubs, one million hardy shrub roses, 400,000 fruit trees, and 200,000 flats of bedding plants.

Even more impressive than the numbers, however, is the company’s dedication to the land and the people who have fueled their success. Provided with ample opportunity and generous means with which to pursue its personal and professional goals, the enterprise’s full-time staff has experienced surprisingly little turnover through the years. As a result, Bailey Nurseries’ customers enjoy unrivaled levels of consistency and competency.

As early as the 1950s, Bailey Nurseries was taking the lead in soil and water conservation. In areas of technology and innovation, Bailey has long pioneered the development and fabrication of custom tree and shrub harvesting equipment. For their dedication to their industry, the land, and the dedicated, full-time staff they have developed and maintained for nearly a century, Bailey Nurseries has earned an honored place in Minnesota’s bountiful agricultural tradition as a team recipient of the Siehl Prize.