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Multicultural and Diversity Student Programs

The University of Minnesota offers a variety of ways for students to get involved. Whether it is through student organization, living and learning communities, study abroad, academic departments, or mentor programs, students are encouraged to get involved in programs that meet their individual needs.

Student Organizations

The University of Minnesota houses a wide variety of student organizations that center around issues of diversity and multiculturalism. Click the following link to find a list of cultural and diversity focused student groups.

The University also houses a variety of student unions and cultural centers, including:

group of students

Al-Madinah Cultural Center

American Indian Student Cultural Center

Asian-American Student Union

Black Student Union

Disabled Student Cultural Center

La Raza Cultural Center

Minnesota International Student Association

Queer Student Cultural Center

For a full listing of registered student organizations visit the U of M student groups web site.


Other Opportunities to Get Involved

Teaching Smart

Teaching SMART (Science, Math And Research Technology) aims to increase awareness of, and access to, education in communities around the University of Minnesota.


Campus Living and Learning Communities

American Indian Cultural House

Casa Sol

Lavender House

STEM Diversity House - for students of color in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Tsev Hmoob (Hmong House)

Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) House

Click the following link to find a complete list of living and learning communities.


Learning Abroadwoman with feathers

Access Abroad for Students with Disabilities

GLBT Students Abroad

Multicultural Students Study Abroad


Mentor Programs

Peer Mentoring Support for First-Year Students of Color
All incoming freshman students of color are offered peer mentor support. Contact Karl Lorenz with questions about this program.

GLBTA Mentor Program
The GLBTA Mentor Program is designed to connect U of M undergraduate and graduate students with faculty, staff, alumni, and community members and to foster meaningful relationships that help students better understand themselves and the GLBTA community. Visit the GLBTA Programs Office Website for further information.

President's Distinguished Faculty Mentor Program

The President's Distinguished Faculty Mentor Program links high-ability students of color with distinguished faculty members who serve as mentors for the students' personal and professional growth


University Offices

Office for Equity and Diversity

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Ally Programs Office

Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence

Office for Diversity in Graduate Education

Women's Center


Academic Departments

African and African Studies

American Indian Studies

Asian American Studies

Chicano Studies

Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies