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Transfer Admission Requirements

Admission to the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences (CFANS) is competitive. Admission is based on an overall assessment of the applicant's academic record, and on the applicant's potential for success in their designated major. Primary review factors include cumulative grade point average, also grades in math and sciences, and in coursework related to the major.

The guidelines and requirements listed below are for applicants who are transferring from another school, and for current U of M students who wish to transfer into CFANS.

General Guidelines:

Application Deadlines

Spring Transfers:
Priority Deadline: October 1
Final Deadline: December 1

Fall Transfers:
Priority Deadline: March 1
Final Deadline: June 1

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Major-Specific Admission Guidelines:
(The general guidelines listed above also apply to these majors.)

Animal Science major, Pre-Vet emphasis:

Applied Economics:

Agricultural and Food Business Management:

Food Science:


For all CFANS majors, secondary review factors include, but are not limited to: grade trends, participation in extracurricular activities related to the major, community involvement, and work experience. High school grades, class rank, and ACT or SAT scores may be factored into the admissions decision for students who have completed less than 26 transferable college credits.