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Dean's Engaged Leaders Program

The Dean's Engaged Leaders Program (DELP) is an exciting opportunity offered to incoming CFANS students who are committed to developing their potential to enhance our civic spaces through leadership, a commitment to diversity, and stewardship of the urban, rural, and natural environment.DELP Program Participants with Paper Cranes

American society and our local communities are becoming increasingly multicultural and diverse. This comes at a time when concerns about our cities, the food system, and environment continue to capture news headlines. How do these trends fit together? What does it mean to build our community spaces through civic leadership? How can we make a difference?

 The Dean's Engaged Leaders Program provides a unique opportunity for CFANS students to explore these questions. DELP fosters the development of leadership skills in academic, social, and public service contexts. The program emphasizes hands-on learning, real-world applications, and relationship building with faculty and community leaders.
Features of the Dean's Engaged Leaders Program include:

Recent group activities: 

Panel discussion with state Rep. Rod Hamilton and retired World Health Organization leader Elisabeth Emerson:

Student trip to White Earth and Itasca State Park: 

Each year, 25 incoming students (high-school or transfer students)—who collectively have a diverse set of perspectives and experiences to share—are chosen to participate. To be considered for this unique opportunity, please follow the application process. The Dean's Engaged Leaders Program is open to all interested new students who apply to (and are subsequently admitted and enrolled in) the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Related Sciences (CFANS) at the University of Minnesota.

Application: See the application process and requirements. Students may fill out the application online, by email, mail, or fax.

For questions or additional information about this program, please contact Laura Dupont-Jarrett in the CFANS Student Services Office:, 612-626-3975



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DELP Application Process

DELP Application

Multicultural Programs in CFANS  

"In the Dean's Engaged Leaders Program we are always emphasizing leadership across cultural lines.  My experiences with the program have all come together to mold me into not only a culturally aware person but into a leader that is capable of taking the best from every person, from every culture, and creating a resolution that shows off this cultural mosaic."
—Laura, 2008 cohort