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Majors and Minors


CFANS offers the following majors and pre-professional programs:

New Requirements in Experiential Learning (EL) and Interdisciplinary Learning (ID): New CFANS undergrads are required to do 1 experiential-learning activity and take 1 major-related ID course.

Pre-Majors and Pre-Professional Programs

A pre-major is an undergraduate course of study that specifically prepares students to pursue an upper-division degree program in another college. CFANS offers one pre-major program:

Pre-professional programs are specifically designed to meet the entrance requirements to professional programs such as veterinary medicine, medicine and dentistry. CFANS offers several pre-professional program options:


To declare a CFANS minor, please fill out the Minor Declaration Form online.

CFANS offers more than 25 minors to supplement the course work you do in your major program. All CFANS minors are available to students throughout the University of Minnesota. These minors are an excellent way to study a related area of interest.

The Undergraduate Catalog contains a complete list of University of Minnesota majors and minors.