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Forest and Natural Resource Management

CFANS has a new Forest and Natural Resource Management major as of fall 2013! (This new major is a combination of the old Forest Resources major and the Recreation Resource Management major. Those are now represented as specializations within this new major.)

Areas of Specialization in this Major:

Students may choose one of the below tracks:

The Forest and Natural Resource Management major prepares students to plan, implement, and research the management, protection, and sustainable use of forests and their related environments, including timber, water, wildlife, recreation, and cultural and aesthetic resources. The curriculum provides a unique integration of the physical, biological, and social sciences with managerial sciences and policy, field skill development, and technologies for measuring and monitoring natural resources. Students are also trained in problem-solving to address local, regional, and global issues.

Depending upon their choice of specialization, graduates of this program find positions as foresters, park managers, urban foresters, land and water resource managers, conservationists, habitat managers, ecologists, geographic information systems specialists, resource analysts/consultants, silviculture and restoration specialists, nursery managers, land acquisition specialists, recreation planners, environmental planners, researchers and educators. Principal employers are described above by specialization. Related minors are also available.

Additionally, this major provides excellent preparation in the fundamental and applied sciences. This preparation is essential for graduate study, and for careers in research and teaching.

For more information, see the Department of Forest Resources site.

Name change notice: This major is a combination of two older majors: Forest Resources and Recreation Resource Management (discontinued in spring 2013)

Academic Planning

To review Curriculum Guides for this major's tracks, see this Dept of Forest Resources page.

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Related Certificate

Certificate in Sustainable Tourism, from The International Ecotourism Society (TIES)

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