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Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management

The ESPM major allows students to develop environmental expertise across a broad sciences and policy spectrum. All ESPM students take similar classes their first year, then choose one of the following tracks as a focus.

ESPM Tracks (see requirements and sample 4-year plans via the links below):

Each ESPM track integrates coursework in environmental policy, management, communication, and law with coursework in the applied aspects of social, physical, and biological sciences. This integration gives students the ability to approach environmental problems from multiple perspectives. In this way, ESPM majors are distinct from more discipline-specific environmental majors.

In all ESPM tracks, students further define their area of expertise by working with a faculty advisor to select courses that meet the student's interests and career goals. For example, in the Environmental Science track, students can specialize in areas such as hydrology, wetland science, or soil science. In addition to classroom studies, ESPM students receive many research and hands-on learning opportunities.

Why Major in ESPM? Environmental issues cause problems with ecosystem health, sustainability, water quality degradation, global climate change, and environmental pollution. Solutions to such interrelated problems require environmental professionals from a broad array of disciplines to collaborate and to consider multiple factors and perspectives.

For more information, visit the Environmental Sciences, Policy, and Management website.


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