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Agricultural Industries and Marketing

Agricultural Industries and Marketing (AIM) is a unique program you won't find at other land-grant universities. A truly interdisciplinary major, it draws on the teaching talent, research, and resources of every department in CFANS. Flexible yet thorough, the AIM major allows you to choose electives and courses based on your academic interests and career goals.

The AIM major provides a strong foundation in communication studies, business management, and applied agricultural sciences. You will also do at least one internship. AIM students choose one of the following specialization areas to round out your program:

Food Industries: This emphasis studies the basic food and life sciences while exploring complex problems facing the food industry. Students seek employment in food or food-related businesses, where knowledge of food science, marketing, and general business management is important. Your coursework will prepare you for careers in manufacturing and operations management, technical sales, food product marketing, or similar areas.

Crops and Soils Industries: This emphasis is for students seeking positions in companies working in the world of agricultural production inputs (e.g., seeds, fertilizers, crop protection products) and in other functional management areas in agribusiness such as agricultural banking, agricultural sales, agrichemicals, crop consulting and scouting, seed marketing, and grain merchandising.

Individualized Program: If you want to self-design your area of specialization, this emphasis is for you. In consultation with the major coordinator, you select courses that thematically relate to your interests. Examples of an Individualized Program include: agriculture journalism, avian science, or sustainable agriculture.

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