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CFANS Student Organizations

Below is an alphabetical list of groups run by students in the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences, or affiliated with CFANS majors. How to contact these clubs: If you don't see current contact information or web links below, look for the group's official listing in the U of M Student Groups directory, where all registered student groups can be found.

Agricultural Education Club

The Agricultural Education Club is open to anyone interested in Agricultural Education or FFA—you don't have to be an Agricultural Education major. We work with the Minnesota FFA Association and host a Fall and Winter Invitational, as well as assist with the State FFA Convention in the spring. The Ag Ed Club networks with colleges across the state and maintains relationships with agricultural companies. Great opportunities await you in the Ag Ed Club. Members have traveled to Chicago, Costa Rica, and Switzerland for educational study tours. Members may also have the opportunity to attend the National FFA Convention in Indianapolis.

American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE)

The student chapter of ASABE provides a microcosm in which engineers and scientific-minded people can socialize with others who share an interest in environmental and ecological engineering. See contact info on BBE department site.

Bioproducts Marketing and Management Club (BPMM)

This group is for students majoring in (or interested in) Bioproducts Marketing and Management (BPMM). The club provides education about the past, present, and future of business, sustainability, science, technology, and engineering. Sustainable business practices are a particular focus. (NOTE: This group was formerly called the Student Chapter of the Forest Products Society.) See contact info on BBE department site. 

Block and Bridle

The Block and Bridle Club is a social/professional club that allows students interested in Animal Science an opportunity to meet with other students, plan activities, and interact with faculty. Block and Bridle is a national organization which holds a national convention once a year. The club's emphasis is in beef cattle, sheep, swine, and horses. Programs include speakers, social events, and fundraisers. Block and Bridle is an excellent opportunity for networking on campus and for future job opportunities. Planned annual activities include the state FFA invitational judging contest, the State Hereford Sale, Minnesota Royal, annual Steer and Heifer Show, and a barbecue. The only requirement for membership is an interest in Animal Science. Students can join anytime.

CFANS Student Board

The CFANS Student Board is comprised of elected student delegates, as well as student group representatives. The board works directly with CFANS faculty and staff to create open communication across all levels of the college. The full board of representatives meets five times a semester to help plan various college events, with additional executive meetings scheduled as necessary.

Collegiate Agri-Women

Collegiate Agri-Women is an organization based on professional development and agricultural literacy. Although most students are from CFANS, all students are welcome. Activities include educational school visits, retreats, and Harvest Farmer's Share Breakfast. One goal of the group is to share knowledge of agriculture by educating others. The group is also affiliated with Minnesota Agri-Women, which provides opportunities for professional development through conferences, networking, and learning from the women of agriculture across Minnesota.

Corporate Environmental Management Network (CEM)

The CEM Network is aimed at Corporate Environmental Management students from the ESPM major. The group networks with academia, governmental agencies, and corporations. See contact info on BBE department site.

Environment Alliance

The Environment Alliance focuses on issues related to the environment, as well as how cultural perspectives influence individual choices. We are the official student group for the ESPM major (Environmental Science, Policy and Management) and we foster community among ESPM students, but any U of M student interested in the environment is welcome to join. This group holds regular meetings, special events, and social activities. Email with any questions.

Equestrian Team/Club

The Equestrian Team at the University of Minnesota is a registered student group, and a club sport which operates under the Animal Science department. We help members make equine-industry contacts through riding lessons, group outings, speakers, and other activities. Members can volunteer in the community, and make an impact in the lives of horse people and other university students. Many members ´╗┐compete in Intercollegiate Horse Show Association shows. Horse ownership is not required. Meetings are generally held monthly. 

Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology Club / Student Chapter of the Wildlife Society

The Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Club promotes fellowship among students and faculty, and the development of fish, wildlife, and conservation enthusiasts. We sponsor social, vocational, and educational events. The club aims to prepare members for careers by building field experiences and fostering connections with future employers. All U of M students are welcome to join. Contact with any questions.

Food Science and Nutrition Club

The Food Science and Nutrition Club fosters a close relationship among Food Science and Nutrition students and faculty, and promotes interest in the nutrition-related professions. Programs include speakers, demonstrations, field trips, a new-product development team, and networking opportunities. We also do food company tours and have social gatherings for club members. There are no requirements for joining the club—it's open to all students interested in Food Science and Nutrition. Email with questions.

Forestry Club

The Forestry Club focuses on social and educational opportunities related to the fields of forestry and natural resource professions. Forestry Club traditions include the Midwestern Foresters Conclave (lumberjack games), highway cleanup, tree cutting and subsequent tree sales at the Forestry Club Christmas tree lot, and an annual Forester's Day featuring a pancake breakfast, field events, and a banquet. Meeting are generally held twice per month. We welcome all interested students. For more information, contact the Forestry Club at

Gopher Crops and Soils Club

Gopher Crops and Soils is a social/professional club that encourages student interaction with faculty and with each other. The mission is to promote leadership and networking among current and future agriculture professionals. Club activities include attendance at SASES conferences, events featuring presentations from agriculture companies, social gatherings, pumpkin and soil kit sales, and the opportunity to learn about internship and career opportunities. No dues are collected. To become a member, you must have an interest in agronomy and participate in multiple club activities. Students can join anytime.

Gopher Dairy Club

The Gopher Dairy Club is known nationwide for its involvement and promotion of the dairy industry to college students, faculty, and the public. Club members gain academic and hands-on learning experiences about the dairy industry through activities, events, and tours. Club members participate in Minnesota Royal, and Regional and National Dairy Science Association Conventions; assists with the Minnesota State FFA Convention; and manages the Gopher Dairy Bar at the Minnesota State Fair. Profits from Dairy Bar sales make the Gopher Dairy Club one of the U of M's most well-funded student groups, which allows us to send club members to various dairy events around the United States. Any students interested in the dairy industry are welcome to join, anytime.

Horticulture Club

The Horticulture Club promotes professionalism in all phases of horticulture, and provides a voice for horticulture students. Club members receive horticulture-related information and education through tours, speakers, movies, projects, and many other fun and interesting activities. Club members gain hands-on experience in plant culture in a greenhouse. To generate funds, members propagate and grow plants together for campus plant sales, as well as make and sell corsages, holiday wreaths and centerpieces, and other floral arrangements. Email with questions.

MANRRS (Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences)

Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences is a St. Paul based nonprofit that provides opportunities for students of different backgrounds to grow professionally within their field of interest, to socialize with other students of the same or different backgrounds, and to make a difference in the community. MANRRS is also a nationally recognized organization with yearly conferences. All are welcome! Join in, enjoy our pizza meetings, and learn different things from speakers and professional groups. Email with any questions.

Minnesota Royal

This is an annual, agriculture-focused event organized by CFANS students, with participation from alumni. It began on the St. Paul campus in 1916, when it was known as Ag Royal. The event is open to everyone and includes activities and competitions that help people learn about agriculture. Event activities include: BBQ, Ag Olympics, Quiz Bowl, Royal Run, skits, "MN Royal Court", music, celebrity showmanship contests, and more. See the official Student Group pageFacebook page, and the CFANS page for this event.

National Agri-Marketing Association (NAMA)

The student chapter of the National Agri-Marketing Association prepares students for careers in agricultural marketing, sales, communications and public relations. NAMA helps members develop career skills and gain professional contacts. Planned annual activities for the club include a trip to the national NAMA convention to present a marketing proposal for a new agricultural product. The only requirement for the club is an interest in an agri-marketing career or an interest in career contacts and networking.

Pre-Veterinary Club

The Pre-Vet Club is an undergraduate organization with the purpose of instilling the utmost knowledge in future veterinarians through the aid of guest speakers, group discussions, hands-on experiences, study groups, and social events. Activities include visits to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, visits to zoos, attending symposium for the American Pre-Veterinary Medical Association, overnights at the Wildlife Science Center, volunteering at the MN Horse Expo, a Dog Wash Fundraiser, a sleigh ride, and more. Contact with questions.

Project Food Security (also known as Universities Fighting World Hunger)

The Project Food Security student group focuses on issues related to local and global hunger, finding sustainable solutions, and making sure this topic is discussed at the U of M. We are a chapter of the national group called Universities Fighting World Hunger, and are also affiliated with Oxfam America, through which we focus on the impact of food choices on the global food system. Activities include annual Norman Borlaug events, the World Food Prize, and participation in other related events or conferences. Members meet to discuss food issues, collaborate, and socialize.

Recreation Resource Management Club

The Recreation Resource Management Club provides a forum for students to discuss themes related to recreation, sustainable tourism, natural resources, and the environment. Club opportunities include recreational activities, social and professional networking, travel, natural resource management, environmental education, and community involvement. The RRM club welcomes anyone and everyone for membership. If you’re interested in any of the following topics then this is the right club for you: recreation and outdoor adventure; natural resources and the environment; sustainable tourism; having fun and making friends; leadership opportunities; and feeling a greater connection to the campus and community. Contact with any questions. NOTE: This group is on hiatus during curriculum changes.

Residential Building Science and Technology Group (RBST)

The Bioproducts Marketing and Management major includes a track called Residential Building Science and Technology. The RBST student group is a way for students in this track/major to socialize, and to participate in activities that complement their coursework. See the group's contact information here.

Society of American Foresters, Student Chapter

This student chapter provides opportunities to meet with forestry professionals, discuss current issues, and receive employment information. Activities include field trips, meetings, social events, Habitat for Humanity projects, and more.

Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

The primary focus of the U of M's Society of Women Engineers is to support and encourage women in science and engineering fields, to help develop leaders in these fields, and to emphasize the positive attributes of the engineering profession. SWE is a very active student group with many educational, networking, athletic, social, and outreach events throughout the school year. The group is open to everyone.

St. Paul Student Ambassadors

The St. Paul Student Ambassadors are volunteer CFANS students who represent the college, and help teach prospective students and their families about CFANS. Ambassador members give tours to prospective students, participate in multiple events for prospective students, and attend meetings. Students who join this organization are usually outgoing, helpful, and love the U of M. Members are encouraged to join the Ambassadors for the duration of their college career. Meetings are usually held twice per month.

Student Organization of Nutrition and Dietetics (SOND)

The Student Organization of Nutrition and Dietetics brings together nutrition and dietetics students for networking, support, fun, and outreach. Most members of SOND are students pursuing a B.S. in Nutrition or a B.S. in Nutrition Sciences. SOND is involved with many activities throughout the year, including nutrition fairs, the bi-annual nutrition career fair, networking with industry professionals, and various community volunteer opportunities. SOND seeks students who are interested in nutrition involvement, education and organizing. Students may join any time throughout the year. Meetings are approximately once per month.

Technical Association of Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI)

This is a student chapter of the professional organization TAPPI, which focuses on forest products, paper, and associated industries. This group is primarily for Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering students, but is open to everyone. The group builds relationships with industry, fosters interaction between bioproducts engineering students, and offers opportunities to participate in national events and student outreach. See contact info on BBE department site.

Xi Sigma Pi

Xi Sigma Pi is a National Forestry Honor Society. They work to create and maintain a high level of scholastic achievement, leadership, and community service.