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Norman Borlaug - The Peaceful Revolutionary

CFANS-Awards-Norman Borlaug-Color with wheatNorman E. Borlaug, '37, '42, was a passionate advocate for the elimination of world hunger.For more than 60 years he traveled the globe to persuade leaders that improving crop varieties and enhancing yields is the best antidote for world hunger.From his roots on a northeast Iowa farm, to a world famous scientist and educator, to an influential player in world politics, Norman Borlaug has created an enduring and inspirational legacy. These pages document just a portion of his many accomplishments until his death in September of 2009 at the age of 95.

The University of Minnesota has honored Norman Borlaug in several ways. He received an Outstanding Achievement Award, the University’s highest honor for alumni, in 1959. Norman received a second Ph.D. in 1982 when he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Science. And Borlaug Hall, the largest building on the St. Paul campus, was dedicated in his honor in 1985.

Through Norman Borlaug’s generosity and that of his friends and associates, the University has established two graduate student fellowships. These programs are nurturing the next generation of agricultural scientists and passionate advocates for the alleviation of world hunger.

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