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St. Paul Campus Love Stories

You almost can't help but fall in love on the beautiful St. Paul Campus! Special thanks to our alumni contributors for sharing their love stories in time for Valentine's Day.

Philip & Patricia Dziuk
Mary & Clarence Horsager
Cliff & Wanda Johnson
Melanie & Shane Juedes
Melanie & Douglas Pamp
Jean & Phillip Parsons
Scott & Holly Webster

Philip & Patricia DziukCFANS-Campus Gym

Contributor: Philip  Dziuk ('50, '52, '55 Dairy Husbandry)
Beloved: Patricia  (Weber) Dziuk (St. Joseph Nursing School)

The story:
I was in charge of the program for the St. Paul campus Newman Club. Occasionally student nurses from St. Joseph Hospital came to our program.On January 29,1950 a group of student nurses came to one of the Sunday night programs. I noticed a cute blue-eyed blonde and arranged to meet her after the formal talk when we had dancing, ping pong and games. One of my fraternity brothers, George Murphy, asked if he could borrow my 1929 Model car to take one of the girls back to the nurse's dorm. I agreed and then thought I should ask the girl I had my eye on to also get a ride rather than take the streetcar. It was 20 below zero and the car took some time to warm even a few degrees. Because the time for students to be in was very closely monitored,when we got to the nurse's dorm the girls jumped out and ran in with very few words. I thought OK, that was that. The next week a sleigh ride was scheduled and George asked if he could borrow my car. When he returned with his girl the same cutie that I had my eye on was along too.She apparently thought I was at least worth another chance and we hit it off pretty well.The nurses had a Valentine party and I was invited. In April FarmHouse had a dance and I invited her. It was downhill very fast after that. We were engaged shortly after and married September 29, 1951. I was a grad student from 1950 to the PhD in 1955. We lived in the old barracks on Hoyt avenue and on 1505 Cleveland. By this time we had three little girls. We now, 58 years later, have seven children and eighteen grandchildren I have been on the faculty at the University of Illinois for 54+ years.

CFANS-Coffey Hall - Bulls

Mary & Clarence Horsager

Contributor: Mary  Horsager ('58 Home Ec Education)
Beloved: Clarence Horsager ('60 Agricultural Education)

The story:
Clarence and I met through our college religious organization on campus. In March 1957, our group sponsored an All Campus Square Dance & Box Social at the gym. We worked together on publicity and decorations and that evening he picked me up from the Clovia House for the event! When my box came up and Clarence was auctioneering he stepped down and someone else took over. People caught on fast and he was bid up quite a bit!

We enjoyed attending many university activities together like football games, hockey & basketball games, and plays, so we have many wonderful memories of our University. The rest is history and June 20, 2009 we celebrated 50 years of wedded bliss with all 6 children, spouses, 17 grandchildren and many friends present.

Cliff & Wanda JohnsonCFANS-Campus Gardens

Contributor: Cliff  Johnson ('69 Agricultural Journalism)
Beloved: Wanda (Larson) Johnson ('68, '71 Clothing & Textiles)

The story:
Wanda lived in Bailey Hall and I lived in Brewster. Lots of us used to study in the library in the evening and head over to the Student Center for a coffee break. I began noticing her in the library and thought she was mighty attractive. We eventually met at a St. Paul campus party and got married eight months later. She says she used to notice me in the Student Center dining hall and figured I was older and had lots of money. Fact is, we were the same age and I had no money. But the marriage has lasted 41 years.


CFANS-Campus - BullsMelanie & Shane Juedes

Contributor: Melanie  Juedes ('97 Natural Resources/ Environmental Studies Planning)
Beloved: Shane Juedes ('97 Natural Resources/ Environmental Studies Waste Management)

The story:    
A Missouri girl and Wisconsin boy somehow found each other in the strangest place - Plant Biology lab on the beautiful St. Paul Campus. On our first day of lab I had the feeling someone was watching me. It wasn't until a few weeks later when my regular lab partner missed class that I felt that feeling again when a handsome, witty guy volunteered to be my partner for the day. We've been lab partners for 14 years now.

Melanie & Douglas PampCFANS-Campus greenhouse

Contributor: Melanie  Pamp ('77 Animal Science)
Beloved: Douglas Pamp ('73,'75,'80 Animal Science)

The story:

I was attending the U as a freshman, majoring in Interior Design and belonged to Gamma Omicron Beta. Doug, a junior, was studying Animal Science, starting out in Pre-Vet and a member of Alpha Gamma Rho. We met the Spring quarter of 1972 at Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity. There was a prospective Rho-Mate (Little Sisters) meeting, that I had been invited to. Doug was the Pledge Master for the Rho-Mates. I began my Rho-Mate pledging along with another GOB. Doug and I were not impressed with one another when we first met, but as we got to know each other, we became friends.

The first real break-through came in late May, when mutual friends invited me over for a lamb supper, but I didn't know who to invite as my date (had to be someone who would eat lamb!). They suggested Doug Pamp, as his family raised and showed sheep. I invited Doug to the dinner and we had a nice time. We went out a few more times before the end of the quarter.
Over the summer we never communicated to each other since I lived in Illinois with my cousin and her family until the MN State Fair. I had kept in touch with one of my GOB (Gamma Omicron Beta) sisters (also my Rho-Mate sister and Doug's Little Sister!) so I knew some of what Doug was doing as she would see him occasionally at weddings during the summer.

I worked at the Turkey Booth during the State Fair and Doug was in his last year of FFA, showing sheep and hogs. We visited several times while he was at the Fair, and he topped it off with giving me a goodbye kiss in front of several people in the chapter, when I was leaving the Fair for the day and they were loading out to go home.

I didn't see or talk to Doug again until Fall Quarter began, the end of September, 1972. There was a 'Back to School' party and we saw each other there the weekend before classes started. We began dating after that, on a regular basis. There were many long walks through campus and talking for hours while sitting on the hill by the Horticulture building.

During Christmas break, we didn't talk to each other. BUT, I had made plans to visit him at his family's farm around New Year's (this was my idea). I had spent the week after Christmas skiing at Vail, then flying into Sioux Falls, SD. Doug was to pick me up at the airport. There was a blizzard and my flight was rerouted to the Twin Cities, where my folks picked me up and the next morning took me back to the airport so I could fly back to Sioux Falls!  Doug did manage to meet me there, skis and all. I guess love WILL find a way!

I found out on the way to the farm that his parents didn't know I even existed until a few days before Christmas when he told them that I was coming to visit. They didn't know he'd been dating anyone!! Despite no one knowing about me, and me not knowing any of them, except through the stories Doug had told me, things went well.

We came back to the farm three weeks later and told them we were getting engaged and planned a spring wedding. Things seemed to move along quite fast after that first visit to the farm!! The winter quarter of 1973 I changed majors to Animal Science and loved working with the people I had met through Doug and the brothers at AGR. We were married after the first week of the spring quarter. That GOB sister/Rho-Mate sister turned out to be my maid of honor. Doug graduated at the end of that quarter and went on to Graduate School at the U. I continued my undergraduate work until graduating in 1977, and worked in Extension and the Bulletin Room in Coffey Hall. Our 37th anniversary will be this April 7, 2010, and we're more in love now than ever, and each other's best friend. We're also still showing sheep at the State Fair, our children grew up showing sheep and also graduated from the U, St. Paul Campus. Both our son and son-in-law are AGR's and because GOB is no more, our daughter is an LD Phi and was an AGR Little Sister, like her mother. The U and the St. Paul campus are a very integral part of our family, and always will be.

CFANS-Coffey Hall SceneryJean & Phillip Parsons

Contributor: Jean Dzubay  Parsons ('55, Home Economics in Business)
Beloved: Phillip Parsons ('56 Agricultural Education)

The story:
What If?
Have you ever thought about how your life might have been different if you had made different choices, or had been in a different place at a different time? Well, lately I’ve been thinking a lot about that. To be specific - how I met my husband.

We met while students at the University of Minnesota. But what if I hadn’t gone to the U? I spent my freshman year on the main campus, and then decided to switch majors from English to Home Economics, which was taught on the smaller St. Paul Campus. Phil was there majoring in Agricultural Education. What if I hadn’t changed majors?

At first I lived at home because Northeast Minneapolis was an easy commute. In my junior year however, after saving enough money from my summer job at Northrop King, I moved into Brewster Hall on the Ag campus. I was so glad I did because I made more friends and took part in more activities. And now, looking back, I might not have met Phil.

I only knew Phil at first as a member of FarmHouse Fraternity. I went to the Fraternity Spring Formal, but with another young man. We had a good time, but I never dated Rollie again. Then in my senior year a friend in the dormitory where I lived invited me to go with her to an off-campus church group called CPF, or Congregational Presbyterian Fellowship. “Oh, I don’t think so”, I answered, “You see, I’m of the Russian Orthodox faith.” “That doesn’t matter”, she countered. “All faiths are welcome.”

She did convince me and I said yes I’d go with her. It was at CPF that I became better acquainted with Phil. What if I had decided not to join that group? Our first date was to the A&W Root beer drive-in. Phil called me at my dorm room in the evening while I was studying for a final exam the next day. He asked me if I’d be interested in taking a break from studying as that was what he was doing also. About 10 minutes later he picked me up. Our date was spontaneous and short - about an hour - but many more followed. What if I had said no to that first invitation?

After graduation I took a job in Chicago as a researcher at the American Meat Institute. I was only there for one year because Phil and I became engaged at Thanksgiving. Our wedding was the next August at the same church where we had met in the college fellowship group. We then lived in the small town of Stewart, Minnesota where Phil taught Agriculture. After 53 wonderful years of marriage I’m thinking what if I had decided to pursue my career instead? I’m so glad I made the choices I did!

Scott & Holly WebsterCFANS-Campus scenery1

Contributor: Scott  Webster ('83 Animal Science)
Beloved: Holly (Sherman) Webster ('83 Technical Communications)

The story:    
Holly and I met in the basement of DTS Fraternity at a Beach Party on February 11, 1983. It was an extraordinarily cold night, but the frat boys had brought in sand, driftwood, palm trees and heat lamps to create a great party on a Minnesota February. My friends who I went to the party with knew Holly and made the connection. Love blossomed from there forward...

We were married in May of 1984 and celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary this past year. Both of us remain proud of our Minnesota education at the U.