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What is the raison d’être of the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences (CFANS)?

CFANS is devoted to solution-driven science; we use critical and innovative thinking plus all the tools of the arts and sciences to make our planet a productive, friendly, and sustainable environment—to solve everyday problems. We study the health of the land and the health of the living.

We work with molecules, microbes, plants, and animals in the water, on the land, and in the sky. We ensure the safety of the food and water supply. We strive to improve our economy, foster job creation, strengthen our agricultural and natural resource-based industries and enhance the social fabric of communities. We turn biomass into products including biofuels and many other products society depends upon. We care about having enough food and worry that some may have too much food. We're both global and local and we're open to all viewpoints and backgrounds.


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