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Supporting Documents and Resources

CFANS Reports:

2007 - 2008 Alumni Survey Summary Report (.pdf)

CFANS Courses that Meet CLE Requirements (.pdf)

CFANS Demographic Profile (.pdf)

CFANS Institutional Planning Profile 2008 (.pdf)

CFANS Engagement Survey 2009 (.xls)

Enrollment Charts by Major: college trends over last 30 years (.pdf)

Examining Research and Planning the Process (.pdf)

Experiential Learning Report:  creating high impact learning experiences for students (.pdf)

National Survey of Student Engagement Survey Results, 2008: Comparison of Survey Responses by Student Characteristic (.pdf)

Student Demographic Trends in CFANS (.pdf)
Student Retention and Graduation Trends (.pdf)

Undergraduate Strategic Planning Focus Group Summaries (.pdf)

University Initiatives and Resources:

2008-2009 Alumni Survey Summary Report - St. Paul Campus Career Center

Advancing and Institutionalizing Public Engagement

Criteria for Decision Making

Four-year Retention and Graduation Rates

Internal Budget Model, Status Report and Discussion

Other Provost’s Office Initiatives

Promotion and Tenure Revision

Student Learning and Development Outcomes 

Minnesota and United States Demographic Projections and Implications:

Learnmore Minnesota

Minnesota Office of Higher Education

National Center for Education Statistics

The World of Undergraduate Education: Countries in Profile

Other National-level References:

A Foundation for the Internationalization of the Academic Self - Journal of Studies in International Education (.pdf)

Agriculture and the Undergraduate (.pdf)

Challenge-Based Learning: An Approach for Our Time (.pdf)

Chemistry in Context: Goals, Evidence, and Gaps (A White Paper)
- Board of Science Education

Degree Qualifications Profile - Lumina Foundation

Helpful data reports and resources (.pdf)

Individualized student-centred education: prototype for an agroecology BSc programme (.pdf)

National Survey of Student Engagement

New Health Science Major in Minnesota Redefines Interdisciplinary 

Now is the Time - Meeting the Challenge for a Divers Academy

Straight Talk about STEM Education

Transforming Agricultural Education for a Changing World (.pdf)

Transforming Agricultural Education for a Changing World - Report in Brief (.pdf)

The Impending Demise of the University

What Advisors Can Do (.pdf)

What's In a Dialogue?  Lynn University's Core Curriculum Explores Big Questions

Related Articles

Are Undergraduates Actually Learning Anything? - The Chronicle of Higher Education

Better Intro Courses Seen as Key to Reducing Attrition of STEM Majors (.pdf)

College Students Lack Scientific Literacy, Study Finds
- EurekAlert

Creating Engaged Public Research Universities - Huffington Post 

East Meets West, but It Takes Some Practice - New York Times

Engaging Students with High-Impact Practices at Eastern Oregon University - AAC & U News

End the University as We Know It - New York Times

Global Learning: What Is It?  Who Is Responsible for It? (.pdf)

MIT Promotes 'Convergence' as Model for 21st Century  Research - Campus Technology

Study Shows Average Salary for Ag College Graduate Tops $36,000 - Press release and report

The Times Alter the Campus Hue - Minnesota Star Tribune

Why Not Try a Scientific Approach to Science Education (.pdf)

Events and Meetings:

February 27, 2009 - Claiming Our Future: Launching a Strategic Plan for Undergrad Education

February 26, 2010 - Turning Plans into Action: Redefining the CFANS Undergrad Experience


"A Vision of Students Today" - YouTube Video

Did You Know? - YouTube Video


About the Plan

CFANS Undergraduate Strategic Plan (.pdf)

Task Force FAQs & Materials

Engaging with the Strategic Plan: Starting Conversations Handout

Supporting Documents and Resources

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