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Below is a compilation of recent news coverage of CFANS faculty and staff.  The views expressed in the media-prepared reports do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of CFANS or the University of Minnesota. 

August 5 - 11

Marking an innovative beginning in what is expected to be a multiyear carp-fighting process, five underwater speakers transducers, technically have been mounted on the downstream lock gate of Lock 8 on the Mississippi River, near Genoa, Wis. When the lock opens, the speakers pulsate with a form of heavy metal even Metallica fans might find over the top: The ear-busting whine of 20 outboard motors recorded underwater. The effort is led by carp researcher Peter Sorensen of the University of Minnesota, who believes the sound has a good chance of keeping Asian carp away from the lock while it’s open.
Pioneer Press

Minnesota Public Radio?
Star Tribune


Mike Bazakos, managing director at the University of Minnesota's robotics center, and David Mulla, chief of the U's precision agriculture center, are jointly researching the use of drones to maximize farm production. Mulla estimates farmers can save $10 to $30 an acre in fertilizer and in related costs by examining the progress of crops while they are still in the ground.
Star Tribune
Aviation Pros

Researchers at the U.S. Department of Agriculture are learning more about the mechanics of how nitrogen fertilizers contribute to the development of greenhouse gases. These studies, conducted by Agricultural Research Service soil scientist Rodney Venterea.
High Plains Journal

Over a period of nine to 14 days, an insect increases body mass about 2,000 times, shedding its skin five times to allow for this rapid increase in size, said Karen Oberhauser, a butterfly biologist at the University of Minnesota.
Pioneer Press

MPR's Cathy Wurzer spoke with University of Minnesota Climatologist Mark Seeley about the lack of rain in most of Minnesota for the past few weeks. Plus, he answers a question about how many weekends have seen rainfall so far this summer.
Minnesota Public Radio

The delays have stretched dangerously close to grain harvesting season, when barges need to carry wheat, soybeans and corn from throughout the Midwest down to the Gulf Coast for export. “We are looking at a very large grain crop. That has got people on pins and needles,” said Jerry Fruin, a retired economics professor from the University of Minnesota.
Associated Press

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