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Below is a compilation of recent news coverage of CFANS faculty and staff.  The views expressed in the media-prepared reports do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of CFANS or the University of Minnesota. 

July 1 - 7

U professor and plant ecologist Rebecca Montgomery says her lab's mantra could be "timing is everything." She researches how Minnesota forests might respond to climate change. What species might benefit from predicted earlier springs, for example, and what species might decline? For answers, she's looking to phenology, a strange word for something humans have done for a long time as they've watched the seasons unfold.
Pioneer Press

"We need to know what's out there," said Elaine Evans, who is earning her doctorate in entomology from the University of Minnesota. "The survey is the first step to assess the health of our pollinator population in Minnesota." Evans spoke from the University of Minnesota's Bee Lab, where the focus is on bee health.
St. Cloud Times

And it appears Bolsa Familia may also have had some success in this respect: Paul Glewweof the University of Minnesota and Ana Lucia Kassouf of the University of Sao Paulo found in 2012 that the program has led to improvements in children’s school enrollment and advancement, which could translate into higher incomes for them as adults and further reductions in poverty and inequality.

"It's a business after all, and they have to do what they have to do," said University of Minnesota Animal Science Professor Alfredo DiCostanzo. He says the lack of cattle is partially due to a lack of rain.

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